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About us.

About us.

Your space is a reflection of your style, your passions, and your dreams. At Brilliant Drapery Design, we understand the importance of every detail. From restaurants to homes, from clubs to hotels, we bring a touch of luxury to every window. Our commitment? To offer you the finest fabrics, designs, and finishes that elevate your rooms.

But who are we? We’re a team of passionate designers, craftsmen, and visionaries who believe in the transformative power of custom drapery. For us, it’s not just about covering a window; it’s about creating an experience, a feeling, a moment.

Choose from a vast selection of fabrics, each handpicked for its quality and aesthetic appeal. Tell your story with a unique print, or add a touch of opulence with intricate borders. And for those who prioritize eco-friendliness, our energy-efficient thermal linings ensure your space remains comfortable while reducing energy consumption.

Whether you’re renting or have a place to call your own, our custom draperies are designed with you in mind. Our dedicated team collaborates with you, understanding your vision, and transforming spaces into private havens filled with character and warmth.

Hotel Drapes

But our relationship doesn’t end once the drapes are installed. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring that as your style evolves, so do your window treatments.

Visit our showroom at 842 Maple Ave. in downtown L.A. and let’s embark on a design journey together. Experience the textures, see the colors, and let’s co-create spaces that resonate with your soul.”

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