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Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

Beauty from Natural Materials

Crafted from natural woods, reeds, bamboo and grasses, Provenance® Woven Wood Shades lend beauty and light to transform your décor. From textured fabrics to lighter more refined weaves, natural fibers add an organic style to your room filtering sunlight beautifully.

What’s great about Provenance® shades is that they come in lots of different textures. You can choose from rough fabrics for a rustic look or soft weaves for a more elegant feel. This means you can customize your room to match your style and make it feel cozy and natural.

Even though Provenance® shades are made from natural stuff and have a textured look, they still let in gentle sunlight. This keeps your room feeling bright and airy while also adding a warm, cozy vibe.

Whether you want to make your living room feel extra cozy, turn your bedroom into a peaceful retreat, or add a natural touch to your kitchen, Provenance® Woven Wood Shades are a great choice. They’re made from natural materials, have different textures to choose from, and let sunlight filter through gently, bringing a bit of the outdoors inside and making your space feel welcoming and stylish.

Provenance shades are available in three distinct styles—Roman, Waterfall Roman and Vertical Drapery—and can be installed with or without an attached liner. Liners are available in both light-filtering and room-darkening opacities for enhanced control of light and privacy.

As for operating systems, no other woven wood shade in today’s market offer such innovation. Provenance shades are available with PowerView® Motorization and its hub, a wireless system offering the ultimate convenience. Using the mobile devices you already use each day, you can schedule your shades to adjust automatically. Or, choose from several other state-of-the-art operating systems like UltraGlide®, LiteRise® and EasyRise®. All of these systems are perfectly housed by the Modern Headrail, the first metal headrail of its kind in the woven wood category. Decorative options including edge banding and optional valance styles afford unlimited possibilities for additional customization.

Provenance shades come in three styles—Roman, Waterfall Roman, and Vertical Drapery—and you can choose to add a liner or not. The liners come in light-filtering and room-darkening options to control how much light comes in and how private you want your space to be.

For operating these shades, there are some cool choices. You can get them with PowerView® Motorization, which is a wireless system that lets you control your shades using your phone or tablet. You can schedule your shades to move automatically throughout the day. Or, you can choose from other systems like UltraGlide®, LiteRise®, and EasyRise®, which also make adjusting your shades easy. All of these systems fit neatly into the Modern Headrail, which is a metal headrail designed specifically for woven wood shades. Plus, you can add extra touches like edge banding and different valance styles to make your shades unique.

However you choose to enhance them, Provenance Woven Wood Shades are designed and custom-crafted in the U.S. with the highest level of quality. Best of all, every window treatment from Hunter Douglas is covered by our lifetime limited warranty.

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Orientation Horizontal or Vertical
WidthsHoriz. 192″
HeightsHoriz. 118″