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Cellular Shades

Cellular Honeycomb

An energy-efficient design that traps air in distinct pockets to help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cellular honeycomb shades are great for keeping your home comfy all year. They work by trapping air in small pockets, which helps stop heat from escaping in the winter and keeps it from getting too hot in the summer. This not only saves you money on heating and cooling but also helps the environment by using less energy.




Duette® Cellular Shades

Beautifully diffuse light and earn a new Federal Tax Credit of up to $1,200 on select styles. .

  • Ultimate energy efficiency
  • Vertical options for doors
  • 150+ fabric/color choices

Sonnette® Roller Shades

The simplicity of a roller shade paired with an energy-efficient cellular design.

  • Light-diffusing
  • Energy efficient
  • 50+ fabric/color choices