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Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

The Modern Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shade

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas are super stylish window coverings. They’re made with really nice fabrics that fold softly, giving them an elegant look. You can choose between two types of folds: full or flat. No matter which one you pick, each fold is made very carefully to make sure your shades look perfect. What makes these shades extra special is that they don’t have any cords hanging at the back. This not only makes your windows look nicer but also keeps them safe, especially if you have kids around. When you get Vignette® Hunter Douglas Modern Roman Shades, you’re not just getting window coverings; you’re also getting happiness knowing that your windows look great and are safe for everyone at home.

These Hunter Douglas shades are super versatile! They can fit in with any style you like. Whether you’re into a modern look or something more classic, these shades can make your room look nice. You can adjust them to let in just the right amount of sunlight. So, if you’re aiming for a bright and sunny living room or a cozy bedroom, these shades have got you covered! With their flexibility, you can easily create the environment you want in any room of your home.

Let me break it down for you: Vignette® Modern Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas are not your ordinary window covers. Nope, they do a lot more than just that! These shades are crafted with top-notch fabrics that are super nice and feel great to the touch. And when it comes to design, they’ve got it nailed down perfectly. Whether your style is modern, classic, or somewhere in between, these Hunter Douglas shades will fit right in and elevate the look of your home. Oh, and did I mention safety? Yep, these shades prioritize keeping your family safe, especially if you’ve got little ones running around. So, if you’re on the lookout for window covers that not only make your home look better but also ensure everyone stays safe and sound, Vignette® Hunter Douglas Modern Roman Shades are the way to go!

Key Features

Gorgeous Fabrics—Vignette shades are offered in sheer, light-filtering and room-darkening fabric opacities, plus a wide array of colors and textures that includes silks, linens, tweeds and natural weaves.

Premium Design & Style—Explore the richness of texture and warmth offered by The Alustra® Collection of Vignette, a thoughtfully curated suite of exclusive design-inspired fabrics, textures, colors and hardware created to meet the expectations of leading designers and discerning consumers who seek the best in design.

Style Options—Vignette shades are available in two different styles:

• The Rolling Style features a 4” full fold or 6” flat fold and rolls up into the headrail.
• The Stacking Style stacks neatly beneath a low-profile headrail for shallow mounting depths and is available in a 4” full fold.

Consistent Appearance—Vignette shades maintain a consistent, full or flat fold appearance and require minimal fabric dressing when you raise or lower them.

Duolite®—Vignette Duolite Shades combine a light-filtering or sheer front shade with a built-in room-darkening back panel, both housed on a single roller to achieve perfect levels of light and privacy. The single roller is unique to the Roman shades category and allows for less mounting depth than other dual roller systems. The Duolite dual opacity option is available exclusively in the Rolling Style with 6” flat folds and the convenience of PowerView® Automation.

Accents by the Yard—All Vignette fabrics are available in cut yardage, so you can create decorative accents with matching fabric.




Fold Sizes

4" full fold or 6" flat fold


12" to 140"


12" to 144"

Design Studio™ Drapery Completes the Look

Design Studio™ Side Panels & Drapery—in fabrics that are thoughtfully curated, including eight exclusive prints from NY designer Rebecca Atwood—are designed to pair well with all Hunter Douglas window treatments.

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