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Silhouette Fabric: India Silk Color: Temple

Silhouette Fabric: India Silk Color: Temple

Silhouette Fabric: The Matisse Collection® Color: Feathered Down

Silhouette Fabric: The Matisse Collection® Color: Feathered Down

Silhouette Fabric: Originale™ Color: White Diamond

Silhouette Fabric: Originale Color: White Diamond

Hunter Douglas Room Darkening Shadings.

Silhouette Fabric: Mystere™ Color: Magicians Cloth

Silhouette® Window Shadings from Hunter Douglas

Sheer Beauty That Transforms Your Light

Discover the wonderful Silhouette® Window Shadings from Hunter Douglas. These special window coverings offer you the useful skill of just letting the right amount of light come in while keeping your space private and cozy. With Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings , you can enjoy a balance of natural light and keep the extra light out of your house, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

These Hunter Douglas shades have soft, adjustable S-shaped pieces that look like they’re floating between two sheer fabrics. It’s a bit like a magic trick! This special design lets sunlight come in gently, making your room feel cozy and warm, while also stopping people from seeing inside your home.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings are awesome because they don’t just control light and privacy. They also make your room look really nice. Whether you want your living room to feel cozy or your bedroom to be peaceful, these shades are great because they make any room in your house feel comfy.

Also, the see-through fabrics in these shades make your home look nicer, adding a cute touch that makes the place feel cozy and stylish. The sunlight shining through these fabrics not only makes your room brighter but also makes it feel warm and inviting. When the light fills the room, it makes you feel like you have more space, making the room seem bigger and more welcoming to everyone who enters.

Make any room cozy and inviting with Silhouette® Window Shadings from Hunter Douglas. These special window covers blend comfort and style, ensuring your home is comfy for everyone. Whether you’re reading quietly in the morning or hosting a dinner with friends, these shades give just the right amount of sunlight and privacy. They help create the perfect vibe for any time of day or event. With Silhouette® Window Shadings on your windows, you can make your home look even better while feeling super comfy and peaceful.

Key Features

Concealed Hardware—When your sheers are closed, our SofTrak™ hardware system is concealed by the fabric for a polished look. This proprietary system makes operation easy and reliable.

Sheer Fabrics & Textures—Luminette sheers are available in a wide variety of fabrics, textures and colors. A room-darkening option is also available in all selections.

Accents by the Yard—All Luminette fabrics are available in cut yardage, so you can coordinate fabrics and create decorative accents like pillows and duvets.




Vane Sizes

2", 3" or 4"


6" to 144"


12" to 136"

Design Studio Drapery Completes the Look

Design Studio™ Side Panels & Drapery—in fabrics that are thoughtfully curated, including eight exclusive prints from NY designer Rebecca Atwood—are designed to pair well with all Hunter Douglas window treatments.

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A Few of Our Favorite Fabrics

This is just a sampling of our fabric choices. Please request a consultation to see all colors and textures.