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Hotels & commercial places Sheer Fabric,


So Sorry!! Please buy more . There is a minimum purchase of yards of BDD Hotel Sheer FB, #9 color Stone

BDD Hotel Sheer FB, #9 color Stone


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Product Code: SKUVectorSheer-9


Sheer fabric for hotels & commercial.

Style : Vector

Color: Stone, Oatmeal , Ivory , Bleach

Number: 9

NFPA 701 , fireproof.

The Sheer fabric made for hotels and commercial spaces is called the “Vector” style. It comes in different colors like Stone, Oatmeal, Ivory, and Bleach, giving you nine options to choose from. This means you have lots of choices to match different styles. Whether you like the cozy feel of Stone and Oatmeal or the bright look of Ivory and Bleach, there’s a color for everyone. Plus, it’s fireproof, so it meets strict safety standards to keep guests and customers safe. This makes the Vector style Sheer fabric a great pick for hotels and businesses because it not only looks good but also ensures safety.

Using this fabric in hotels and businesses is great. It improves how the place looks and makes it feel cozy and safe for everyone. The Vector style Sheer fabric is very versatile, so you can use it in many ways, like covering windows or dividing rooms. It’s practical and can be used for different purposes. Plus, it’s fireproof, so it’s super safe, which makes guests and customers feel relaxed. Using this fabric makes guests and customers feel happy and secure, so they want to return. This makes customers happier and helps the place become more well-known.

So, choosing the Vector style Sheer fabric is a smart idea for places that want to keep their guests happy and safe while making the place comfortable.