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Forward SheerForward Sheer

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Forward Sheer, Elegance X Collection

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Sheer fabric for hotels & commercial.

Style : Forward

NFPA 701-2010,California title 19, CAN/ULC-S109-14 , retardant.

Shown Railroded : 117″-118″ Wide , Horizontal repeat 4″

Check out our newest sheer fabric designed for hotels and businesses—the Forward style. Safety is our main focus, so our fabric meets the toughest fire safety standards like NFPA 701-2010, California Title 19, and CAN/ULC-S109-14. It’s made to resist fire, giving you peace of mind wherever you use it. With our Forward style sheer fabric, you can be sure your space is both stylish and safe, offering the best in both practicality and security.

Our sheer fabric in the Forward style is more than just safe—it’s also really versatile and stylish. It’s wide, ranging from 117 to 118 inches, so it can easily cover big areas, making them both practical and beautiful. The pattern repeats every 4 inches horizontally, adding a nice touch to any room without being too flashy. Whether you’re hanging it over windows to make hotel lobbies cozy or using it to make offices look fancier, our Forward sheer fabric is the perfect pick. It combines style and safety seamlessly, making any place it’s used feel both pretty and secure. Whether it’s for hotels or offices, our fabric is a great choice that not only looks nice but also gives you peace of mind.