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Stripes Sun Down


So Sorry!! Please buy more . There is a minimum purchase of yards of Stripes Sun Down Fabric , Jamaica

Stripes Sun Down Fabric , Jamaica

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Sundown Outdoor Fabric Awning Features;

Water Repellent:
10-Year Guarantee of No Color Fade
Best Price in the Market:


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Width: 47” inches

  1. Water Repellent Performance:
    • Compare the water repellent features of both fabric types, emphasizing the effectiveness of Sundown outdoor fabric in keeping the area beneath the awning dry.
  2. Color Fade Guarantee:
    • Contrast the warranty periods for color fade between the standard Sundown outdoor fabric and the marine-grade fabric, highlighting the durability of both options in maintaining color integrity.
  3. Pricing Analysis:
    • Conduct a comparative analysis of the market prices for both fabric types, underscoring the affordability of the Sundown outdoor fabric awning while acknowledging the premium associated with marine-grade fabric due to its specialized features.