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Stripes Sun Down


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Stripes Sun Down Fabric ,Puerto Rico

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Sundown Outdoor Fabric Awning Features;

Water Repellent:
10-Year Guarantee of No Color Fade
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Stripes Sun Down Puerto Rico fabric

Width: 47” inches

Water Repellent Performance:
Keeping your outdoor space dry is important, and the type of fabric used in your awning plays a big role. Sundown outdoor fabric does a great job repelling water, making sure the area under the awning stays dry even during light rain or mist. This is really important for making outdoor spaces comfortable and usable, so Sundown fabric is a good choice for awnings.

Color Fade Guarantee:
It’s important that the color of your awning lasts a long time to keep it looking good. Comparing the warranty periods for color fade between regular Sundown outdoor fabric and marine-grade fabric shows that both options are good at keeping colors from fading. The regular Sundown fabric is cheaper but still has a decent guarantee. Marine-grade fabric, made for tougher conditions, costs more but comes with a longer warranty period.

Pricing Analysis:
Knowing how much different fabric types cost helps you make the right choice. Sundown outdoor fabric awnings are priced affordably and still offer good quality. Marine-grade fabric awnings cost more because they’re made for harsher conditions and have extra features. While marine-grade fabric is pricier, Sundown fabric is a great option for those looking for a good balance of quality and price.

In summary, both fabric types have their advantages, including water repellent features, color fade guarantees, and pricing differences. Choosing between them depends on what you need and how much you want to spend. Whether you go for the affordability of Sundown outdoor fabric or the durability of marine-grade fabric, make sure your awning suits your needs and preferences for a great outdoor space.