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Stripes Sun Down


So Sorry!! Please buy more . There is a minimum purchase of yards of Tweed Stripes Sun Down Fabric

Tweed Stripes Sun Down Fabric

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47” inches ,

awning great & marine, water repellent

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This tweed stripes sun down fabric is 47 inches wide, giving lots of shade for outdoor areas like patios, decks, or boat decks. It’s made from strong materials for tough conditions, like those near the sea. The fabric keeps water out well, so it stays strong even in light rain or sea spray. It’s built tough, looks good, and makes outdoor spaces nicer.

Made with great care and top-notch quality, this awning isn’t just for shade; it adds a classy touch to outdoor areas, making a lasting impression. Whether it’s blocking the sun or facing the elements near water, this awning is reliable and stylish, promising both practicality and charm for years. Its strong build and classic design ensure it looks good and stays dependable in any outdoor setting. So whether you need shade from the sun or shelter from bad weather, this awning is your trustworthy partner, blending usefulness and elegance to create a welcoming outdoor space that lasts.

Our Color Fade Guarantee ensures your outdoor fabric stays vibrant. We compare how long the colors last between our standard Sundown fabric and our marine-grade fabric, showing they both keep their colors well. Whether you pick the regular Sundown fabric or the marine-grade one, you can trust it to keep its colors bright for a long time, even outside. You can enjoy your outdoor spaces without worrying about colors fading, knowing your fabric will stay beautiful no matter which one you choose, lasting for many seasons.