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Hotels & commercial places Sheer Fabric,


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BDD Hotel Sheer FB, #12

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Sheer fabric for hotels & commercial.

Style : Paradox

Color: Stone, Ivory , Bleach , Oatmeal

Number: 12

NFPA 701 , fireproof.

The Sheer fabric made for hotels and commercial places comes in the “Paradox” style, which offers a range of colors like Stone, Ivory, Bleach, and Oatmeal. There are 12 different colors to choose from, giving you lots of options to match different design preferences. Each color has its own special charm, so you can create the perfect atmosphere in any space. Plus, this fabric is fireproof, meeting NFPA 701 standards, which means it’s safe for guests and patrons. Whether you like the cozy feel of Stone and Oatmeal or the bright look of Ivory and Bleach, the variety of colors in the Paradox style Sheer fabric lets you personalize your space. Using this fabric in hotels and commercial areas not only makes them look better but also ensures they’re safe and comfortable for everyone inside.