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Hotels & commercial places Sheer Fabric,


So Sorry!! Please buy more . There is a minimum purchase of yards of BDD Hotel Sheer FB, #8 color Stone

BDD Hotel Sheer FB, #8 color Stone



Sheer fabric for hotels & commercial.

Style : Trigg

Color: Stone, Bleach , Ivory , Oatmeal

Number: 8

NFPA 701 , fireproof.

The Trigg style Sheer fabric made for hotels and businesses has many benefits. It helps make places look and work better. It comes in different calming colors like Stone, Bleach, Ivory, and Oatmeal, giving you eight options to choose from.

Whether you like the cozy feel of Stone and Oatmeal or the clean look of Ivory and Bleach, the Trigg style Sheer fabric has something for everyone. Also, it’s fireproof, so it meets strict safety rules to keep guests and customers safe and worry-free. You can use it in lots of ways, like covering windows to let sunlight in or dividing up rooms to make them more organized.

Using the Trigg style Sheer fabric in hotels and businesses has many advantages. It makes the place look nicer and more welcoming, and it also makes it safer and cozier for everyone. This helps keep customers happy and satisfied, and it also helps the place become more popular and successful in the future. When guests and customers feel comfortable and secure, they’re more likely to come back and tell others about the place, which helps it grow and do well over time.