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Classic Velvet


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Classic Velvet –

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Product Code: SKU-ClassicVelvet1


Wide : 55/56″

Content : 100% Polyester

Cleaning Code: S

Double Rubs: 100,000

UFAC Class 1

Perfect for Drapery and Upholstery

Samples are available upon your request

The Wide fabric is made of 100% polyester and is 55/56 inches wide, making it strong and easy to clean. You can care for it easily with a cleaning code of S. It’s really tough too, with a double rub count of 100,000, meaning it lasts a long time. This fabric is great for making curtains or covering furniture because it’s durable and strong.

The Wide fabric isn’t just strong and easy to clean—it’s also really safe, meeting strict safety standards. That means you can feel confident using it in your home without worrying. Whether you want to put up fancy curtains or give your furniture a fresh look with new upholstery, the Wide fabric is a great option because it works well in any space. Plus, if you’re not sure how it’ll look or feel in your home, you can ask for samples first. This lets you see and touch the fabric before deciding. So, with its safety, versatility, and the option to get samples, the Wide fabric is a perfect choice for your next home project.